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Issue 22 - re /visit /cycle /turn - October2009
a figment of yesterday's sobriety: Not Technicolor
a perpetual refrain: The Birth of the Universe
a new layer now: Cruising on Revisitation
a reiteration: They Grow Up So Fast
a told distance: Twelve Stories
a turning: Silent Messenger
a small thing: Antibodies
a wrong-o: Insight
a go: Fragments
a tree: Keepsake
a simple thorn: Kapok
a whisper: 13 Halloweens
a question: dying for answers
a transgressive act: The Palindrome
a shape made of stone: Sleeping Circles
a nocturnal rebuilding: How to Describe Eternity
a hard wood ball: Remembering South Bronx Sounds

Issue 21 - Shortcuts / Detours - July 2009
a picture: of a place you've seen before but not
a past-tense now: story of anderson cooper
a preventative measure: The Beginning
a place in short: ristretto (carlisle)
a record: Today More Coffee.
an urge to live: Pale Heart
a memory: Washed Out
a recall: The Library
a vision: Invasion
a bargain: faith
a time: revision
a drive: Nostrum
a memoir: Hair Cuts
a we: Once Upon a Time
a letting it go: Butler Creek
a defeat: The Clash of Shadows
a choice: Dinner at the Waffle House
a winding back: The Cork Trees of Alentejo
a feel of it all: walking home from a friend's house

Issue 20 - The Missing Part - April '09
a winking and blinking beginning: When I Lie
a handful of secret longings: Dreaming
a turn: strawberries / tug and maul
a destiny: Consistency of Milk
a message: Memento Mori
a leaping inside: Escape
a critique: Kissie Kiss
a trace: Sweater
a learning: Fail
a call: Look-See
a legend: New York
a future: to the unborn
a familiarity: The Sea Lions
an inter section: Map I / Map II
a would be: In her Head a Cello Plays
a darkened truth: the hue of antiquation
a story beyond: What We Thought We Knew

Issue 19: Beyond the Silence - January '09
a room downstairs: Erasing all the sacred texts
a wrought iron fence: The Way it Should be
a motification: Claustrophobic Little Boy
a familiar encrypted code: Obachan
a narrow ledge: Terrible Beauty
a light darkness: Loneliness
a beat: Turn to Stone
a night: to a void
a falling: Flowers
a now: unified field
a difference: Rain, rain
a deep laughter: Finalment
a soaking: The Shape of Grief
a smallest number: Hospitalization
a muted beauty: The Season's Solace
a dark slipstream: Cars Without Headlights
a scent of lilacs: The Things You Know By Heart

Issue 18: Origin and End - October '08
a white beginning: Big Bang Cause Unknown
a drive: From Eden to Erie with friends
a satiation: The Immaculate Dots
a recollection: Her own Bones
a sacrifice: 6 relatives
a theory: evidence
a room: Scent
a tie: untitled
a scene: Mailwife
a memory: Two or Six
a place: Coming and Going
a streaming: For the Moment
a desire: A Slow Pull of Orange Taffy
a tantrum: They Shoot the Horse at the End

Issue 17 - Bodyscapes - July '08
a white flesh wound: i am not made of stone
a flapper dress: A Propos de Cannes
a pinching: Groomed by a Bird
a sense of self: Scrapes
a lining: The Subway
a clot: Slip Inside
a fix: The orgy
a spin: Reiki
a frill: Portion
a fall: only, broken
a reaching in: In Solitude
a brilliant ripping: In Her Looking
a cross-over: Ballroom Dancing Class
a loss of balance: The Portrait of Nirvana
a curve: The Girl who wanted to be a VargasPinup

Issue 16: Lost, Found & Stolen - May '08
a footprint: Learning to Swim in an Estuary
a scrambled drawing: Black and White
a memory: The Capital of Garbo
a waiting: ain't no progress
a mistake: Lost at Sea
a day: stolen/bitter
a matter: In life.
a tap: On Some Road
a falling: Nomads Like Us
a whisper: Blood Remembers
a trilogy: I was a teenage thief
a long way: Life in the Sign Business
a spin: S is for Sorrow, Solitude ...Sands

Issue 15: Shapes - Feb '08
a formula to solve the oblique: add paint
a desert: With Esther in Arizona
a pattern: Shadowboxing
a syllable: the house
a sketch: Cubes
a mood: Grass
a talk: Black soul
a room: REM Sleep II
a knowing: The Warehouse
another world: The Four O'Clock Café
a star abandoned: Folding and Unfolding On

Issue 14: Night Write - Nov '07
a loss of desperation: something happened
a twin: Sly Bigotery / One World
a light: Streets of Reykjavik
a hunger: Like Penguins
a wonder: Certainty
a destiny: Midnight
a new page: news
silent rising: Redeye
a copied memory: xeroxed
a night falling: second silence
a splicing of words: Daguerrotypes
a month called NaNo: A Seat at the Table

Issue 13: closer - Sep '07
an orange atavism: morning in North Carolina
a conjunction: Streets of Reykjavik
a gentle hastening: Sonorous
an end: Death and Then
a passing: Shangrila
a vice: For You
a plan: unfinished
a train: Close Enough
a blessed revolution: Bare Shelves
a bye: i see my life running before my eyes
a test: This is the Story I Would Tell You If ...

Issue 12: a turn of time - Jun '07

a walk toward summer: to speak again
a fascination: Strange Little Girls
a crack in the wall: Bipolar
a taste: Kaiten-zushi
a surrender: Sanya
a shift: Swoosh!
a place: Here
a woman: Blue
a stay: a Violation
a new turn: Dubai driving
a maybe: The Bob Foss dream
a timeline: The Women of My Father

ISSUE 11: invisible borders - Apr '07

a locking into place: the ends of maps
a beat: Remembering Ginsberg
a shape: After the funeral
a turn: Soirée Ambiguë
a crying: Hidden
a drive: Tessa
a meaning: Close
a stir: Foreign Dream
a note: People in a movie
a mistake: Love and Affection
a world spinning: Cynical Moon Poems
a very distinct perspective: A reader's life

ISSUE 10: time pause change - Feb '07
a list of things to desire: Post Script Sonnet
a thousand page memory: Sifted Particles
a time abroad: Storm and Shelter
a pausing: And then Absence
a listening: If Anywhere
a response: Naming
a post: A to Z
a talk: Since July
a dawn: Catching up
a whenever: Mull of Kintyre
a sanctioned world: Dying Hard
a regardless change: Things Continue
a drifting white metamorphosis: under the design

ISSUE 9 - Dec '06

a buddha taxi ride: Doing the Right Thing
a kitchen table talk: Coming Undone
an island: Blue White Black
a disillusion: Sunshine
a maybe: Torna
a blip: Probe
a circle: Silence
a list: paper pleasures
a penny story: It Was Me
a function of words: Antiprayer, 11
a population displaced: In the District of Anger

ISSUE 8 - Oct '06
a memory: Best friends a long time ago
a survival: Chaucer and Hass
a diary: Firefly Nights
a time: Zhengzhou
a tale: Ísland
a poem: Pi
a strain: Hands
a wish: Lucky Moon
a maybe: Complicated Game
a morning: New season of drought
a drive: When we needed to get out more

ISSUE 7 - Aug '06
a morning note: blank day, transparent
a sole trek: where did we go?
a reflection: artificial limbs
a sky moment: Run
a vision: pages
a place: Nikko
a truth: Good Girl
a riddle: stone words
a caught blush: entwined
a blueprint in print: mo(nu)ment
a story told like this: Scenic Highway #34

the mo(nu)ment issue - Jun '06

the first print issue of blueprintreview -
a paperback reflection
on moments
and monuments
in 70 unique pieces
by 30 authors from 5 continents

ISSUE 6 - Mar '06
a life questionnaire: The fragrance of it
an evening walk: Less, not more
an e-fax: then find start
a turn: ghost sonnet
a feeling: Just am
a web: Virtual Reality
a tune: feather of thought
a cruise: Daybreaking fragments
an award: Story South Million Writers

ISSUE 5 - Jan '06
an understanding: traveling a thin path of light
a beginning: "Life" said the magician
a perspective: In a pinch
a photo: Homer, 9:27
a drink: Tempranillo
a reality: Beirut - Dec 05
a wickett offer: get lit journals
a constellation: moon trine jupiter
a sale: Looking for a mate in your area?

ISSUE 4 - Nov '05
a motion: Colours run, ink dries, stories die
a sketch: pencilled in(digestion)
a place: snapshot Berlin
a want: my name
a poem: Waiting
a memory: woodtalk
a direction: down, down
a reality: The Biker and the Beggar
a dream: the day i tripped with jerry garcia

ISSUE 3 - Sep '05

a day: The Balloon Capital of the World
a postbox riddle: delete me 760
a truly letter: Doctor Love
a thought: To let it in
a saturation: rain
a mood: Cesenatico
a book: Masala Moments
a crossing: Into the Zanskar Area
a tune: Attack of the killer pam-pams

ISSUE 2 - Jul '05
a phenomenon: The Butterfly Effect
a motion: spinning somewhere
a memory: bluebonnet
a time: Past 22:00
a walk: Softening
a book: What I loved
a crossing: morning mark
a poem: Sleep, Next to Flames
a reality: New York City dipshit mugger

ISSUE 1 - May '05
a text: the prison sneaked sad
a reality: tumble tumble
a dream: singularities
a film: Hotel Rwanda
a prayer: Today
a book: Bird by Bird
a walk: Another Life
a motion: Whence a Kite
a reflection: The Loneliness of Artists


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