Just am

Walking back from class this afternoon, the cold finally broken, looking up at one of the steeper church towers in Savannah, I couldn't help but think on how happy I felt at that exact moment, to just be outside, hands in my pockets, staring at beautiful architecture, feeling the light breeze, thinking about composing and posting increments of my short stories on my myspace blog. About how many people I know who care about me and even love me, as I do them.

I may not have millions of dollars, tons of fabulous furniture or shoes, a car, or even parents who care, but I am truly living a great life. I am happy. Happier than I have been in a very long time, and I think that is in part due to the releasing of attachments to those petty dramas I used to carry around with me.

No more. All is well. I have a boat load of things to work on, ways to improve, and information to assimilate, but that just adds to my happiness. Would that everyone I know felt this way. And I know this seems odd coming on the heels of my explative laden rant on myspace about people who talk loudly during quiet films, but...it's how I feel right now.



words: Sheila Lynne, Georgia (Scarlets Walk)
photo: Jill Lang, North Carolina (Once Daily & Prints)

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