turning pages sketching thoughts
reaching out to that one place
where all those stories meet

to read

Grace Cavalieri in convergence

Dream Lightness
Cynthia Audet in Switchback

Love at 32 degrees
Katherine Larson in Poetry

Write a Book in 14 Days
Robert Sanchez in Word Riot

simile of me
Luc Simonic in Zygote

why we travel
Adam J. Schwartz in Suitcase Generation

more reads: here


to write / to sketch / to picture

Photo Friday
the weekly photo competition
from Blur to Vanity, from Disguise to Pink
new challenge up every Friday

Butterflies of Vertigo
Intoxicating New Fiction for the New Century
short stories 300-7000 words
theme anthology Snow Monkey
deadline: April 1

SubtleTea Writing Contest
submit a single poem or a fiction/essay piece
winner gets the book "Litarary Angles"
debut contest of SubtleTea
deadline: April 15

Octopus Chapbooks
eight separately bound chapbooks
manuscipts 16-32 pages, b/w pictures
special issue OctopusMagazine
deadline: April 30

moments, monuments and the nu in it
fiction, poetry, non-fiction, photography
theme issue BluePrintReview
deadline: May 7

The Partly True
first-person stories that are only partly true
length: fairly brief
theme issue Mississippi Review
submit: April 1
- June 15

picture: Jeff Crouch, Texas (more)
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