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BluePrintReview Issue 22

re /visit /cycle /turn

a figment of yesterday's sobriety: Not Technicolor

a perpetual refrain: The Birth of the Universe

a new layer now: Cruising on Revisitation

a reiteration: They Grow Up So Fast

a told distance: Twelve Stories

a turning: Silent Messenger

a small thing: Antibodies

a wrong-o: Insight

a go: Fragments

a life: Keepsake

a simple thorn: Kapok

a whisper: 13 Halloweens

a question: dying for answers

a transgressive act: The Palindrome

a shape made of stone: Sleeping Circles

a nocturnal rebuilding: How to Describe Eternity

a hard wood ball: Remembering South Bronx Sounds

. ~

authors & artists
Beverly Akerman, Rachel Barenblat, Emily Brandt,
Isabelle Carbonell, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Todd Chilton,

J.T. Clark,
Jeff Crouch,
Carrie Crow, Eileen Donovan-Kranz,
Elle Driscoll, Daniela Elza, Matthew Gattie, Shanna Germain,
Ann Howells, Daniel Hudon, Patricia La Barbera, W. F. Lantry,
Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Jason M. Jones, John Metcalf, Swati Nair,
Eric Prochaska, Laura Riggs, Peter Schwartz, Lynne Shapiro,
Mark Stringer, Randy Thurman, Pat Tompkins, Kevin Vickery,
M. Kathleen Walworth, Michael K. White, Steve Wing

& editor: Dorothee Lang (blueprint21)


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.. in a recap list of lost & found literary magazines

.. & in books, notes, feedback, etc --- re/vel


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BluePrintReview - issue 22 - re /visit /cycle /turn