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issue 22 additions: extra pages + re-flections


extra pages

to revel some more in the land of /re, some extra pages:


1) re/viewed: further reads
once submission for the reprints issue opened and the long-list of marked submissions kept on growing, it seemed almost logical to create an extra page to those previously published texts that came close, to include them in the issue, too.

here the direct link:
22 further reads: re /visited poems & stories
- "and still it goes on.."


2) retrieved magazines
the big surprise that came up while workig on the reprints issue: some online magazines that went dead are actually still out there.

here a list of the magazines tracked so far
lost & found literary magazines


3) book page
curious for what the contributors are currently reading? here's a peek:

recently published & currently reading:
from Ulysses to The Tree of Wisdom

some of the books are up in an extra bookshelf with links


4) notes on the process
another side effect of the reprints issue: a file with blueprintreview notes and e-mails, starting with the idea of the "reprints" issue, and moving on to suprises and peculiarities during the editing phase:

Some Aspects of Reprints,
collected while working on the reprints issue


5) "I Was A Zine Editor"
the page of lost+found online magazines now reaches even further back in time - with some memories of the indie lit zine scene before the time of the internet, as remembered by Brian Green, blueprintreview contributor and the editor of the magazines Dodobobo and The Pistol:

"I Was A Zine Editor" / Brian Greene



and here, some first feeback to the reprint issue, and some related reflections on previously published work:


1) interconnections

re: blueprintreview issue 22
mail from Karyn Eisler

i can't tell you how much fun it is, looking through the pages and seeing all of the interconnections - the idea of BPR and its mandate to join texts and images from unrelated places - well, this reprints issue with links to the originals, does double, triple, even quadruple duty to the intent:

texts and images from unrelated points of origin - or originating contexts - and texts and images from unrelated publications, and in the original publications, many of the images and texts are paired with texts and images, also from unrelated places - another layer yet again. so many combinations and permutations.

clicking back and forth creates a plethora of different backdrops and possibilities for interpretation. it really is a celebration, and collaboration, not only between writers and visual artists, but also between so many online publications.

(Karyn Eisler had a previously published story up in issue 20, which lead to a mail-conversation that sparked the idea for the reprints issue, more about that, here: Revisiting Published Stories)


2) retaining significance in time

re: Keepsake is now online at blueprintreview
blog entry from Eric Prochaska, author of "Keepsake"

"Keepsake" was originally published in The Sidewalk's End in February of 2001.  That e-zine unfortunately closed a while later.  When I saw Blue Print Review 's theme issue submission guidelines, I instantly thought "Keepsake" would be a good fit - 

I think the story gained an accidental further significance later in 2001 with the 9-11 attacks.  When I look at a certain passage about firemen, and  the overall theme of hope vs. fear, I see how a larger public may soon have  come to share some of the views of the narrator in "Keepsake".  In certain ways, the arts, perhaps especially in the United States, have changed since 9-11.  The simplistic nature of good and evil popularized for generations demanded reconsideration.  The image of America held by its own citizens -- not to mention the rest of the world -- invited scrutiny.  Some works of fiction that espouse the more simplistic vision of our world suddenly seem naive.

But some works retained their significance.  I hope that "Keepsake" -- while not a monumental work at all -- was able to convey both pre- and post- views and balance them each for what they are worth.

(here the direct link to the story Keepsake, and here the complete blog entry: Keepsake is now online at blueprintreview)


3) re-shaping

re: BluePrintReview #22
blog entry from Daniela Elza, author of "dying for answers"

The BluePrintReview went live today with issue #22 titled re/visit/cycle/turn. The first issue I came across was mo(nu)ment which was also their first print issue. At the time I was thinking about this topic and contemplating the fact that the instant we put down the moment on paper it becomes a monument, fixed, calcified, a statue of this experience.

Poetry for me is this space in which we dwell between the moments we experience and the monuments we create. But the monuments are so dependent on how we attend to the moments, and how present we are within them. I was too late for the submission then.

Today I am happy to say (after I finally managed to submit) I have one of my previously published on-line poems in the current issue: a poem of mine that appeared on the Arabesques Review website in their Poetry no War issue. The poem, dying for answers, went up on their website in a form that was not what I sent them.

Today, (almost three years later), I finally get to see this poem in the shape it was on my page. In some ways this re/visiting/cycling/turning was also a re-shaping/re-laying out.

(here the direct link to the re-shaped version of dying for answers, and here the complete blog entry: BluePrintReview #22)


4) resonation and repercussions

re: BluePrintReview Now Online
blog entry from Shanna Germain, author of "Antibodies"

The new issue of BluePrint Review is now online! This issue, #22, is themed re / visit / cycle/ turn and features all reprints, which I think is a fantastic idea. Check out the poems by Lynne Shapiro, Michael K. White, and myself! The editor's notes on how the idea for a reprint issue came about are especially interesting.


“Aurora. She wrote it down on a piece of paper and showed it to me. That was her name. I didn't know if she had a case of laryngitis or something more serious.” ~ from "Silent Messenger", by M. Kathleen Walworth


(Shanna Germain is the author of "Antibodies", which was first published in "Pulse - voices from the heart of medicine". the original publication of "Antibodies" includes this note:

"This poem came about because I was thinking of all the things that we do to protect ourselves, not just in the medical field but in life. Not just healthwise, but also to protect our hearts, our souls. And how easily that can all be undone--by someone else's actions or by our own. And how we live with those repercussions after. Or don't."

here the link to the re-printed version of Antibodies, and here the link to the blog entry: BluePrintReview Now Online)


5) Past Persons + Lost Teas

re: Poem published in BluePrintReview
blog entry from Tammy Ho Lai Ming, author of "Fragments"

My poem, “Fragments “, first published in Lily in 2007, is now reprinted in the “re /visit /cycle /turn” issue of BluePrintReview . It is odd to read this poem again because the piece is about a particular person – a person who has now completely drifted out of my life. Perhaps it's not difficult to guess this person's occupation. He invokes the images of books: ‘leaves', ‘bookmark', ‘hardcover'; he talks to writers; and at the end of the poem, the man is reading – I picture him reading in the glorious sun. When the poem was first published, it appeared with a photograph I took in Krakow, Poland (I was visiting my friend Jakub). Now, with a new home comes a new photograph by John Metcalf. A chaos of colours reminiscent of the patterns of brain cells when triggered by remembering. 

Remember to read the story behind the “re /visit /cycle /turn” issue . Cha 's brand-new “Lost Teas” section is partly inspired by BluePrintReview editor Dorothee Lang's decision to have an entire issue devoted to reprints.

(here the link to the re-printed version of Fragments, here the link to the blog entry: Poem published in BluePrintReview, and for more about the Lost Tea section, try this link: Lost Teas)




BluePrintReview - issue 22 - re /visit /cycle /turn