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”It wants a shape inside itself
clean enough to lie down with sorrow.”
—Tim Lilburn

dying for answers

between two bridges by the water
I ask the same
question ________everyday

________ ___(their faces waiting.

they say it is mist
rolling in from the sea
that turns __this city into

________ ___(silhouettes and shadows.

the sun—a moon—barely
makes an appearance today
even I
can ___ stare at it

________ ___(with a clear conscience.

the crows on rooftops grow


________ ___(loud.

we live beneath construction
cranes ___ suspended in this mist
metaphor __
moving words like packages

________ ___(like questions.

of the dead
we do not speak __ just dream
and hope _____ we do not see

________ ___(their faces waiting at the crosswalk.


words: Daniela Elza (Strange Places)
original publication: Dying for Answers / Arabesque

image: Carrie Crow, New York (baron & crow)
original publication: Vietnam in View / anderbo.com


another waiting: Waiting for the Dead (#4)


BluePrintReview - issue 22 - re /visit /cycle /turn