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recently published:

Daniela Elza
Last month we launched: 4poets: Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, and Onjana Yawnghwe (Mother Tongue Publishing, 2009).
This was the first in the NEW BC poets series. All four of us are emerging poets. I guess we are always emerging :-) Included are also poetry drafts, interviews, poetics, short biographies and author photographs as well as translations of select poems into French, Thai, Bulgarian and Tahltan.
(Daniela Elza in blueprintreview: dying for answers)

Daniel Hudon
My first book, The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos, was published in April - it's a slim, witty guide that will help you sound off like an expert on all things cosmic at your next party. The hardest thing about writing it was to stay in the mode of telling the reader only the things that were of utmost importance, and to minimize explanations, which runs completely counter to what I'm trying to do when I teach this stuff. But I found writing humor to be fun!
(Daniel Hudon in blueprintreview: The Birth of the Universe)


currently reading:

Oh, that is a good idea to put what novel contributors are reading. Mine? Buffalo Lockjaw by Greg Ames.
- Peter Schwartz (mute knows how & Zoo)

I'm always curious about good books. I've just finished a novel I've told my friends to read: "The House on Fortune Street" by Margot Livesey. It came out about 18 months ago, got good reviews but scant attention.
- Pat Tompkins (They Grow Up So Fast)

I am currently reading "Call if You Need Me" by Raymond Carver. Lovely idea!
- Eric Prochaska (Keepsake)

I am currently re-reading Ulysses by James Joyce.
- Jeff Crouch (Noah & geometric slush fund)

currenty reading: 
Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick
Genius in Disguise: Harold Ross of the New Yorker by Thomas Kunkel
The Complete History of Jack The Ripper by Phillip Sugden
- Michael K. White (13 Halloweens)

As for what I'm reading:
Just finishing - Founding Faith by Steven Waldman
Just starting - Lost City of Z by David Grann
- Todd Chilton (Blue Radiant)

I am currently reading James L. Kugel's "The Great Poems of the Bible."
- Rachel Barenblat (Morning Star)

I'm currently "reading" a photography catalog I picked up at Rencontres in Arles, but it's so beautiful, I think it should count! It's called "Seul l'air" by Laurence Leblanc.
- Carrie Crow (Vietnam in View)

I usually have several books going at once and read short fiction on the web. Two books I am currently reading are:
The Posthuman Dada Guide - Tzara and Lenin Play Chess by Andrei Codrescu + How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed by Slavenka Drakulic
I just finished The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Mirakami
- Laura Riggs (The Palindrome)

I'm currently reading The Boat by Nam Le in conjunction with Glamorama by Bret Easton Ellis.
- Jason M. Jones (How to Describe Eternity)

I almost always have more than one book going but I’ll give you the one that is most capturing my attention right now. It is The Road to Coorain by Jill Ker Conway. I have about 40 pages left which I will probably finish tonight. Then I will get back to Daniel Deronda (George Eliot) which has been languishing on my night stand out at my cabin while I’ve been reading the Conway book.
- Kathleen Walworth (Silent Messenger)

I'm currently reading Selected Poems by Jorge Luis Borges.
- Emily Brandt (Kapok)

Currently rereading (and posting quotes to Facebook daily in October) DRACULA, by Bram Stoker. Also, to keep with the living: Expatriate Games: My Season of Misadventures in Czech Semi-Pro Basketball (2008) by Dave Fromm, a former student, which I first read in manuscript.
- Eileen Donovan-Kranz (Granite)

At this time of year i try to find the time to read "Autumnal Tints" by Thoreau. It just seems natural to me.
- Randy Thurman (Moonlight Sonata)

Currently I am reading a book by one of my heroes, philosopher and poet, Robert Bringhurst, "The Tree of Meaning: Language, Mind and Ecology" (Counterpoint Press, 2008). When I recently read "Living in the World as if it Were Home" by Tim Lilburn I liked it so much I could have licked the pages. I think Bringhurst's book so far qualifies for that kind of delicious.
- Daniela Elza (dying for answers)

Here are the two (vastly different and fabulous) books I'm reading:
"Need More Love; a Graphic Memoir" by Aline Kominsky Crumb and "Reading Rilke; Reflections on the Problems of Translation" by William H. Gass.
- Lynne Shapiro (Not Technicolor)

Book currently reading: "Latecomers" by Anita Brookner (just finished one of her books)
- Michael Caylo-Baradi (Cruising on Revisitation)

I am currently reading The Words Under the Words, Selected Poems by Naomi Shahib Nye and 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs. I always read two books at once, balancing my novels with poetry.
- Ann Howells (La Resistancia)

Currently, I'm reading "The culture of narcissism" by Christopher Lasch
- John Metcalf (untitled 526)

At the moment I'm reading The Making of a Sonnet, edited by Edward Hirsch & Eavan Boland.
- J.T. Clark (Remembering South Bronx Sounds)

The book I'm currently reading is THE SHADOW OF SIRIUS by W.S. Merwin.
- Patricia La Barbera (Twelve Stories)

Currently reading: Blood of Brothers, by Stephen Kinzer.
- Isabelle Carbonell (A Wing We Saw)





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