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New Books from BluePrintReview Authors

Out now: the collection "4 poets", with Daniela Elza being 1 of the 4. Also out there and cosmic: "The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos" by Daniel Hudon. And ready for pre-orders: "Razzed Chickens" by Mel Bosworth.

Here's what the authors say about their books:

Daniela Elza
"4 poets"

"Last month we launched '4poets: Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, and Onjana Yawnghwe'. This was the first in the NEW BC poets series. All four of us are emerging poets. I guess we are always emerging :-) Included are also poetry drafts, interviews, poetics, short biographies and author photographs as well as translations of select poems into French, Thai, Bulgarian and Tahltan." - Daniela

book details:
book link: 4poets: Daniela Elza, Peter Morin, Al Rempel, and Onjana Yawnghwe
published by Mother Tongue Publishing, 2009

Daniela Elza in BluePrintReview #22: dying for answers

Daniel Hudon
The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos

"My first book, The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos, was published in April - it's a slim, witty guide that will help you sound off like an expert on all things cosmic at your next party. The hardest thing about writing it was to stay in the mode of telling the reader only the things that were of utmost importance, and to minimize explanations, which runs completely counter to what I'm trying to do when I teach this stuff. But I found writing humor to be fun!" - Daniel

book details:
book link: The Bluffer's Guide to the Cosmos
published by Oval Books, 2009

Daniel Hudon in BlueP
#22: The Birth of the Universe
#15: The Four O'Clock Café

Mel Bosworth
"When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories"

"When the Cats Razzed the Chickens & Other Stories" is a collection of 12 short stories written over the past year (2009). It's a grab bag of humor, sadness, and hope. When I wrote these stories, I wanted to give the reader something to wear, something to take with them. A glove. A coat. A memory. A hug. I often wore a sly smile and bunny slippers when I wrote these stories, so if, while reading, you feel the brush of plush against your cheek, it means I've done something right." - Mel

book details:
book link: Razzed Chickens & other stories
published by Folded Word, 2009

Mel Bosworth in BluePrintR
eview #21: Butler Creek

Special Collections

Extra reading pleasure that takes you around the globe, squares the best of the web, and collects a year of chapbooks.


30 authors from around the world reflect on moments and monuments in 70 unique stories, poems, and visuals.

"Poetry for me is this space in which we dwell between the moments we experience and the monuments we create. But the monuments are so dependent on how we attend to the moments, and how present we are within them."
- Daniela Elza

book link: mo(nu)ment

an mlp anthology

"the mlp anthology [ FIRST YEAR ] collects into one perfect-bound book every chapbook we have published since 2008, 43 titles in total, including work by peter markus, brian evenson, michael martone, blake butler, shane jones, michael kimball, joanna ruocco, ken sparling, norman lock, kim chinquee, kevin wilson, and many others. it is a choking of words, a sentence-shaped noose, a brightly-colored pitfall of language. come on, stumble in." - J.A. Tyler

book link: mlp [ FIRST YEAR ]

Best of the Web 2009
Dzanc Books

"Guest-edited by Lee K. Abbott, this print anthology compiles the best fiction, poetry, and non-fiction that online literary journals have to offer in an eclectic collection in the manner of other broad-ranging anthologies such as Pushcart, and Best American Non-Required Reading. This is the first substantial attempt at creating an annual print compilation of the best of material published online."

book link: dzanc best of web

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