the hue of antiquation

To feel what is too dark to see

is to know that you didn't have to

in the first place, slowly falling

out of order. Backwards, or unraveling,

both sides take away what was

already thought to be too far-gone

from the sinking ship. The meaning

of untrained light is patchwork

compared to the darkened truths,

darker still, falling from your mouth.

Close every serrated mouth that

can't close itself, and finally prove

to the wind that it too still has

the power to scatter leaves.

The viewfinder shrivels meaning

further, allowing the piling

of dust, without the help

of it not even mattering. It will

burn if allowed to and won't even

ask questions if enough of it is

cut off, leaving only the gathering of

shadows to clog the rust-filled memory.


words: Elliot Foster Smith, Pennsylvania (blog)
image: me, Iran (life goes on in Tehran)


another gathering of shadows: foreign dream


BluePrintReview - issue 20 - The Missing Part