Virtual Reality

I mean no insult whatever,
I know no compliment either,
I've ceased putting blame
on cultural difference

There are so many personal blogs on the web,
struggling like chained winged insects
with all their luring words,
their hidden links

I got to know you through your words,
‘trapped by you' - that's exactly what I said,
I thought I was beginning to know something,
And would be finally known within

But you are not there at the other end:
that's all what I know
And I'm hanging here at the end
of my vibrating thread

There are too many pilgrims on the road,
lonely, invisible and decided
Their virtual breaths mingle with each other;
Their ethereal voices liquefy together;

Their transparent bodies pierce through one another,
Without feelings, without sparks,
Mostly and really,
Carving the time


words: Chen Pingping, China
picture: Jeff Crouch, Texas (more)

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