BluePrintReview Issue 19

Beyond the Silence

a room downstairs: Erasing all the sacred texts

a wrought iron fence: The Way it Should be

a motification: Claustrophobic Little Boy

a familiar encrypted code: Obachan

a narrow ledge: Terrible Beauty

a light darkness: Loneliness

a violin: Turn to Stone

a night: to a void

a falling: Flowers

a now: unified field

a difference: Rain, rain

a deep laughter: Finalment

a soaking: The Shape of Grief

a smallest number: Hospitalization

a muted beauty: The Season's Solace

a dark slipstream: Cars Without Headlights

a scent of lilacs: The Things You Know By Heart


this issue also includes

a silent blog moment: 3 A.M.

a bookshelf and a
news page

a new archive: by artists / by authors


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BluePrintReview - issue 19 - Beyond the Silence