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BluePrintReview Issue 23: (dis)comfort zones

about this issue

the '(dis)comfort' theme

while working on the re/print issue (#22), i received 3 submissions that triggered the idea for the discomfort theme: a story of being a repeated victim of theft, a serial killer story and a disconnecting poem. parallel to that, in one of those coincidences of perfect timing, i came across a NYTimes reflection on the attractive side of anxiety, sorrow and drama - which is picked up by action-films and theatre as well as by yellow journalism: "Why would we get such delight from unpleasantness?"

the range of (dis)comfort
for the issue, i looked for a wide range of approaches and formats: fiction, non-fiction, poetry + visual art and photography. here the key line from the original call for submissions:
(dis)comfort zones
emotional, physical, moral, geographic, social, mental, creative, cognitive, familiar, ethnical....

going live in sequences
in the layout phase, i clicked back and forth through the issue repeatedly. and felt: this issue isn't easy to digest, with the array of themes: displacement, teenage suicide, the serial killer theme, addiction. of course, there are some lighter, playful texts. but in one go, it's rather overwhelming. so i picked up the idea of zones, and applied it to the issue itself: the (dis)comfort will go online in sequences/zones of 2-3 pieces every couple of days. i also liked the idea to try this different approach for going live.


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blueprintreview editor
Dorothee Lang, Germany -
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the 4 concepts of this e-zine
1) texts and images are from unrelated places
2) themes for future issues develop through the work on the current issue.
3) there is no deadline or timetable - an issue goes online when it feels complete
4) all rules can be broken


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BluePrintReview - issue 23 - (dis)comfort zones