In a pinch

Should something go wrong, oh say, like your upstairs neighbor leaves his sink stopped up and running after he has left the house, and you suddenly find it raining in your spare bedroom, the ceiling looking like it's going to burst at any moment, just call me. I'll break in to his apartment through a back window, shut the water off, unplug the sink, mop up the floor and give you plenty of buckets to catch the deluge, as well as help you move your furniture out of harms way.

Or say you have something on your chest at 6 am that just has to get off, just call, I'll answer and listen, though I may not be very talkative. I'll even answer two days in a row, during a huge festival, on less than 4 hours of sleep. Because I care and am always here for you. Regardless of if we have talked in a long while or not.

If you need a painting, or a drawing, or a song, or a walk in the woods looking for spiders, I'm your gal. Should you find yourself needing a bedtime story at 11pm on a Tuesday when nothing has gone right, I have just the book.

So should you need me, just call.


words: Sheila Bolda, Georgia
photo: Diane Varner, California (Daily Walks)

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