The Biker and the Beggar

Today was a day of fleeting sun and more clouds with a slight spell of rain thrown. I could only watch the rain from the air conditioned dome of office. Could not even open the windows. It made me wonder why we take so much trouble to barricade ourselves in and call it progress and technology.

Wouldn't all those people who stare at their PC's all day long just long to throw open the windows and breathe in life passing by and to catch the kiss of the rain as it goes by?


While driving home, there was a slowdown in traffic. In the middle of the road was a beggar, just asleep... or drunk...
I don't which. But as I passed him all I could think of was
how did I land here and he there?
How do these
dynamics operate?

In the flash of a second, things could change -
the beggar can replace the biker and the biker can turn into the beggar. In India I think these things hit you more
than elsewhere.

words: Smitha Murthy, India; picture: Dorothee Lang, Germany)

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