When I Lie

awake at night & watch the moon slide like butter over cotton

When the rain pushes me back in

To the room like a man’s hand:

What begins winking & blinking are ..........mirror-neurons

In no funhouse but the bones:

When I lie awake at night & think how the world’s money has drained

Like oil from the pan

& the world had to reinvent itself

I run for refuge, burrowing in looking-glass neurons.

A public service employee at sixty-one a civil servant

A government employee

And taking the lion’s share

I at seventy

Share it with the sparrows



At the birdbath

Like a jasmine

Fountain. The Missing part is searched for thru all creation.

The Yangtze River cuts like scissor thru steel ribbon transecting my dreams

Little bridges we cross on snow-silent feet to go the good among.


words: Lynn Strongin, Canada (webpage)
image: Steve Wing, Florida (about & more)

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BluePrintReview - issue 20 - The Missing Part