Steve Wing

Steve Wing is a visual artist and writer whose work reflects his appreciation for the extraordinary in ordinary days and places. He lives in Florida, where he takes dawn photos on his way to work in an academic institution.

A regular contributor to the BluePrintReview, his images also have appared in other e-zines including Eclectica, Perigee, qarrtsiluni and Pequin.

"Light, light is what I see and photograph, really. It doesn't have to be direct or bright, but it is light that I am stalking with my camera. And its varying moods reveal different aspects of the ordinary world. Like this photo above, of a banana tree in the back yard. The leaf's extraordinary organization and structure are exposed by the light of that particular moment. Our world offers us such glimpses every day."  
- Steve Wing

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Photo Gallery, Blog Notes and Current Projects

More of Steve Wing's photography can be seen at
The Sand_Shadow Gallery

Some current contributions to blog carnivals can be found in fireflydomain's posterous blog.

Several of his posts and images are up in the blueprint blog 'just a moment', including travel notes from Lisbon, stormchased beach entries, and solstice / wave images: just1m/Steve_Wing.

Currently, he is involved in an international group writing project: 2028 - a world novel.

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Notes on the Process

"The process is boringly familiar: point camera, press button. Repeat. That is what an observer would see..."

Read more, here: Notes on the Process.

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Selected Publications

- Botanic Demeanors
- Painted Skies

- Water Plaza, Stairway To, Time Sanctuary (with D. Lang)
- Sidewalk Visions

Foliate Oak
- Bones / Cuerpo / Shimmer / Structural Overlay
- Line Dance / Understory (5 images)
- Kitchen Shadow 1-3

- Structures 1-4

- Puertos (with Rose Hunter + Dorothee Lang)
- impermissible occlusion (with Karyn Eisler)
- reticulation
- the city within (with Dorothee Lang)
Moon Reaching, Blue Windows, Restless Barn
- Crabface, Closure
- for several other images, check out the BPR archive list

Lantern Review
Door Shadow
- Street Puddle Reflection

- Black skimmers ('The Crowd')
- Cadillac Gargoyle ('New Classics' issue)
Afterthought + Yoga Center Wall ( 'Words of Power' issue)
- Showered Stones + Fountain ('Water' issue)
- try the qarrtsiluni podcasts, too

- (sub)merging (p.18)

eclectica January '08
- Shell Dynamics, Surface Entropy, Past Present
- for more images, click through the whole January '08 issue

- Archangle 2, Patina 4

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You can contact Steve Wing at:
phengodid AT gmail DOT com