I believe there are two types of people in the world and the second is always late and the first is always on time because this nowhere town is populated entirely by those who subscribe to the latter so that here we have no need for a timepiece

tonight it is soup and cake the texture of carpet for dessert

which means it is six o'clock and Monday

broader is a state of mind but also the state of a body

this unfamiliar body

that grows and grows as if in a rush to become a thing it has never been

and if you insist on taking a sample I entreat you to sand it down until its surface takes on the worn paper feel of fine Italian lace

ten is a magical number

do you agree

it is the damper by which we understand white like the white of an eye or the white of a small animal's skull that resembles a totem pole carved to the touch of a nice white that bobbles in the hull

tonight it is an asparagus

which means it is Friday and between five thirty and five forty-five

what I want is to taste with deliberation the way a quiet meadow becomes dimmer after a wetting around the edges

I think there is no more perfect place to be than in a kitchen but not a kitchen like you or I know but the kind of kitchen our great-grandmothers knew and it must be something like a cellar with a packed dirt floor and a large stone fireplace with a big black cast iron kettle suspended above rising flames and maybe there are rabbits skinned and hanging on the wall beside root vegetables wrapped with twine and also hanging on the wall and outside the wind is screaming something fierce but it is warm and soft and gray inside and only the sound of knitting needles clicking making tender objects out of fabrics into roundness and there is a vagueness in the air but in this kitchen there is no such thing as blind because it is happy here like a wedding with so many guests standing is the only option and were I not so negative I would bargain it all to end up in a kitchen like this

but only a fool bargains on faith

today it is elbow macaroni

which means it is Saturday and noon on the nose


words: Molly Gaudry, Philadelphia (blogspot)
image: Jeff Crouch, Texas (more)


from faith to desperation: Less, not more (#6)


BluePrintReview - issue 21 - shortcuts / detours