Homer, 9:27 am

I'm hung over - have a headache, feel spacy, and have my dogs with me in the office as I have to take the puppy to the groomer's in a bit.

Best part of the day so far was the drive to the office.
I live in a beautiful place to begin with but this morning was particularly awe-inspiring:

As I was driving in I was looking across the bay at the mountains and glaciers which were surrounded by dark bruised looking clouds, but behind the clouds were jagged little pieces of golden light pouring down on top of the glaciers. Gorgeous.

I was kicking my self for not having purchased a new camera after I drowned mine kayaking. Then I saw someone pull over to take a picture which made me feel better - I'm glad someone recorded the moment, it was truly photo worthy.

After work I'm off to clean my house as I have guests coming tomorrow - maybe I'll have a nap first though.


words: Lauren X., Alaska
photo: Gary Beilby, Australia (image.a.nation)

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