spinning somewhere

I have not managed to find peace in slow movements yet - my peace is in a flurry of angry rush

My spinning classes - run by a madman with a love of loud music - I walk to the gym shivering in the cold - I change fast - tired, fedup, cold, peed off with life, with how bitchy some people can be, peed of with how hard I've been shopping for a new place to live, peed off with how people sometimes let you down.

I pedal and pedal, standing, sitting, leaning pedalling faster faster faster til my heart will burst my lungs will burst my head is cold and in my anger..... the fire goes out, a piece of solid ice, a diamond almost -

not cold not muddled and not angry anymore.

I pedal and pedal so furiously till I feel the tears. My emotions have to come out somewhere from the huge change in the chemicals in my body.

in real life terms - tonight I go to edinburgh

(words: S. Lim, London; picture: D. Lang, Germany)

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