S is for Sorrow, Solitude .. Sands

I reach back
feel you behind me
lost on that road to perdition
and way too far ahead.

I spin and am alone
bolt in the direction of solitude
you will not find me in that
house of glass and fog.

I break, a thousand droplets
diamonds of regret
the jewels of my disgust;
take your hands off my heart,
It was never mine to give

I break into a flat out run
but no matter my speed
your memory keeps up
and I lose the race with
my fears. Long lost fears.

I slam door after door.
Unlock and empty all the
trinket boxes and lovely trunks
dump their contents into the sea
of indifference, lock them back
up, and so they shall remain
forever more


I leave everything behind
walk straight into the blank
fog off the edge of the pier
of lonely disturbance and

You are nowhere to be found.
And everywhere all at once

There is no escape hatch
no car fast enough, no road
long enough, Jack

And I am at a loss, losing,
as to how to be this singular
raging sorrow personified.


wwords: Sheila Lynne, Georgia (Scarlets Walk)
image: Smitha Murthy, India


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