artificial limbs

Sometimes I feel that what I have isn't good enough. Questioning myself (a lot). Do I need to make extensions that are beyond what I already am? Is this question valid or am I thinking too much?


At times I get lost in the reflection and cannot see what I am truly trying to see. The key for me is balance. How do I see both worlds without getting lost in just the one, where I see my life as responsibility and suffering or the other where the experience of beauty takes over every thing. I must remind myself that there is balance in the reflection.


Living in the city makes me rough; makes my skin raw and sore at times. The city is hard and reflective. It is stiff and solid. In the city there is a constant hum that follows me around. An electronic beast that is sleeping in the background and sometimes I can hear him so clear. But I am leaving (at least for a few days). To the wild woods, to the mountains, to the soft earth, to the budding trees.


words: Jessica Stubert-Perasso, Colorado (waking up late)
photo: Dorothy Gantenbein, California (Dorothy Photo)


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