BluePrintReview Issue 20

The Missing Part

a winking and blinking beginning: When I Lie

a handful of secret longings: Dreaming

a turn: strawberries / tug and maul

a destiny: Consistency of Milk

a message: Memento Mori

a leaping inside: Escape

a critique: Kissie Kiss

a trace: Sweater

a learning: Fail

a call: Look-See

a legend: New York

a future: to the unborn

a familiarity: The Sea Lions

an inter section: Map I / Map II

a would be: In her Head a Cello Plays

a darkened truth: the hue of antiquation

a story beyond: What We Thought We Knew

. ~

this issue also includes

missing blog posts: missing words; Spring, delayed;
Retired Widow; missing part; Col Morada

a bookshelf and a
news page


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BluePrintReview - issue 20 - The Missing Part