Cynical Moon Poems


As a boy, I wanted to fly to outer space
with a thin plastic helmet
strapped on my head
Then I'd run around my house
as fast as I could
Sit in the grass
exhausted, world spinning
alone in my outer space


The moon was not made of green cheese
nor had it men from mars.
No water... yards
slides, swings or cars.
The moon on TV
had none of those things.
Grey, barren, soft
susceptible to foot prints
"one small step," for a kid
was not a really big deal.


I imagine...
The lunar module
on this full moon
as only a dot
somewhere on an illuminated
tennis ball
I am similarly
as small here
on earth


Reach up
and grab it
"I'd give you the moon if you want me to Mary"
so said Jimmy Stewart...
but he didn't coin that phrase
nor did his writers.
It was stolen
and the moon isn't a source of light
it also steals the light from the sun
so Mary.... if you want this
open your heart
to all us cynics
down on earth who love you,
sometimes when the time is right.


words: Timothy Gager, Massachusetts (TimothyGager)
painting: Ira Joel Haber, New York (online gallery)


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