tumble tumble

a lot of things do take place in a laundromat.

except, that's only on tv. from tv, you'd think that laundromats are the perfect place to hang out, to take a date, to meet women, etcetera.
these things never
happen in real life.

here are the real life events that happened to me in a laundromat so far:

once, when i was about five, my brother and i discovered that you could get "free" soda from the machine by reaching up and pulling a can out. our mother explained that there is a difference between "free" and "stealing."

a couple of months ago, someone's clothes caught fire in a dryer and the place was full of smoke. while we waited outside the door, several people came and started their wash. if i came to the laundromat and saw it was on fire, i would go elsewhere. that goes for any business.

that's it.

and like i did when i as young, my children hate going.

(text: E. Wrisley, Ohio; picture: D. Lang, Germany)

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