(Please note that all bios were generated online)

Steve Wing, Florida, is the genial and hearty barkeep who seeks to defeat the Main Villain and who can see the future with erratic reliability.

Efrat Havusha, Israel, is the warrior woman who makes cryptic statements in order to set the protagonist
on the right path.

Dorothee Lang, Germany, is the last survivor of an alien race who has a mysterious past. Also she is the edtior of this
e-zine. Her home is a blue print.

Sheila Bolda, Georgia, is the swift elven archer who has to endure numerous trials and triumphs.

Eric Wrisley, Ohio, is the young wizard who will defeat the antagonists in combat to teach them a valuable lesson.
He also is the editor of cautionary tales.

Barbara Luik, Germany, is the beautiful time traveler who is entangled in a conspiracy without her knowledge.

Smitha Murthy, India, is the wanderer with an unique gift who fights for justice and has a soft spot for snakes.

Nicolas Baltazar, Canada, is the secret vampire who has a keen fashion sense yet hasn't decided on a life path yet.

Some bits and pieces about the featured pieces

The home page picture was taken in Alcudia, Mallorca,
while waiting for an inspiringly delayed bus.

The text "the prison sneaked sad" is the most lyrical spam mail I ever received. It wasn't meant to be poetry, though.
It was a randomly generated text that carried a virus.

The "singularities" picture is an inverted aurora.
The dream happened exactly like that.

The "Another Life" picture was taken while waiting for a tram in Leipzig, some 8000 kilometres from where the walk took place 8 weeks later.

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