BluePrintReview - literary journal of unintended prose, poetry and photography -

indefinite space - poetry journal - from minimalist to avant-garde, poetry drawings collage photography; editor: marcia arrieta -

subside.zine - online travel magazine featuring personal travelogues from all subcontinents of this world -

India - Just another day in India - online journey through India, including diary pages and pictures of Mumbai, Rajasthan, Varanasi, Delhi -

Thailand - A trip through Thailand - eine Reise durch Thailand / a journey through Thailand -

Thailand-Laos-Vietnam - Life is a Journey - a different kind of travel account from Asia - ein etwas anderer Reisebericht aus Asien -

Cambodia - Templedreams - a backpack trip through Cambodia, visit Phnom Penh, Seam Reap, Sihanoukville and the temples of Angkor Wat -

Kambodscha - Tempelträume - eine Reise durch Kambodscha -

London - picture haze and diary daze - London in neon colours, beat poems, flash movies, diary moments and duplex pictures -

Mallorca - picture gallery: visit the North Coast, Puerto de Pollenca, Alcudia, San Salvador-

Mallorca - ein Urlaub in Mallorca - Reisebericht und Bilder von der Nordküste, Puerto de Pollenca, Alcudia, San Salvador-

France - a road trip through South France, with slide show, road diary, map and pictures of the regions Haute Alpe, Cote d'Azur, Provence -

Frankreich - Rundfahrt - Reisebericht Rundtour Südfrankreich -

Belgium-Netherlands-Germany 2004 - 5 days in flat lands -

List of Publications - Dorothee Lang - List of Publications -

Terra Nova Mallorca - A different kind of package tour- sunrise at the Bay of Pollenca, biking through the countryside, walk along natural beaches, visit Alcudia and Palma -

The little places - A journey through SE-Asia - moments and memories from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam -

High Ways and night songs - A road trip to Belgium -

Cups of Cappuccino - pictures & memories of Copenhagen: Nyhavn, Christiania, Strædet, Tivoli Gardens, Orsteds Park, Little Mermaid - small streets, old buildings, coffee shops, Irish Pubs, Traversing Towers -

Alaska travelogue - Baked Alaska: a cruise through the Inside Passage: pictures & memories of Anchorage, Gulf of Alaska, Kenai Fjords, Glacier Bay, Mt. Denali, Ketchikan, Homer, Fairbanks, Northern Lights -

Canada - Between the Nakvak and the Korok - an expedition to the Torngat mountains. Hiking through the Valley of the cirques, climbing Mont d'Iberville, fishing in the Nakvak Valley-

Snapshots of the Caribbean - travel pictures & island memories of Caribbean short trips to Grenada, Barbados and Puerto Rico -

China - Land unknown - memories of China - arriving in the chaos of Beijing, taking the train to a new home, learning and teaching in Lianyugang, seeing the first snow in the year of the monkey, celebrating Chinese New Year-

China - The year of the monkey - travel pictures & Eastern memories: New Year in Shenzen, Splendid China, HongKong. Spring Festival in Nanjing / Peking, Shanghai, Pearl Tower, The Great Wall-

Greece - Saved on Sifnos - a travel story out of the Aegean Sea that includes little harbours, sleeping villages, several tavernas, a ferry onward, a Greek cultures festival and a room with a view,

Honduras - Haciendas and Cornachos - A trip to Honduras -seeing San Pedro Sula, driving down Honduran roads, visiting the Mayan ruins of Copan, diving in Roatan -

India brought to you by Coca-Cola- A journey trough India - culture shock of Delhi, beauty of Taj Mahal, holy cows of Jaipur, backwaters of Kerala, beaches of Karnatakat, Hindu temples of Madurai and so much more -

Italy - 7 Italian Postcards - From Milano to Liguria - pictures & memories of a trip to Italy: from Milan and The Duomo through Lombardia to the hills of Monterosso and back to Milan -

Morocco - A trip to Marrakesh- green gardens and pink city walls, mint tea in the shade and orange juice in street cafes, the Koutoubiya mosque and the Palace de la Bahia .. and so much more -

Munich- Memories of the Marienplatz - visitinging the English Garden and the Old Botanic garden, climb
ing the tower of Peterskirche. Also included: a daytrip to Castle Neuschwanstein.

Nepal - Annapurna Moments - a trek in Nepal: arriving in Kathmandu, seeing Pokhara, walking through river valleys, seeing the sunrise at Poon Hill, saying goodbye to the Himalayas -

Reflections from New York - Street moods and sky moments - pictures & memories of New York: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hudson River, Wall Street, 5th Avenue, Central Park, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum, Empire State Building, SoHo, Chinatown -

Peru - Awake above the clouds - trekking the Inca trail, seeing the Andes, visiting Machu Pichu and the Sacred Valley -

Russia - Alexander are you still around? - A trip to Russia - the streets of St. Petersburg, the melancholy and the glory, the memories of the cold war and reality of the black market, the churches and the domes -

Moscow - Cannons and Cathedrals - A return to Russia - the Kremlin and the KGB, Red Square and Black Market, wide boulevards and side streets, bell towers and onion domes -

USA - Chicago-Seattle - fom Seattle - Sears Tower, Grant Park, to Chicago in a train. passing through Illionois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, seeing the Rocky Mountains and Mt. Rainier -

US to Oz - New Pioneer - A journey through the world, from Australia to Paris to the US - There was no settling down for me. As soon as I saw that there was so much going on outside of the place where I grew up, I knew I had to see more-

rain road - hypertext installation -

art is - art installation -

junglevoices - sound installation -

move - art installation -

ice - hypertext installation -

remember - hypertext installation -

silence - hypertext installation -

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