Today here in Colorado the sky is endless -
I can see sixty miles away to the tops of the snow covered mountains. And here beside me on the open fields the prairie grass is beginning to come back to itself. Beginning to turn green. It's a green that lies just beneath the surface. Secret. Away from my eyes at first. All just part of the earth waiting to find itself again.

Seeing this open sky.. such open land.. I want to shout with my mouth open. Run. Run over the land as fast as I can. Take the air into the palms of my hands, take it into my eyes just the same way I've taken food or love inside myself.

There isn't any way to make this any better.
To make it stand out more alone right now here
beyond the horizon.

There isn't any way to make it any more beautiful
than it is right now.


words: Lys Anzia, Colorado, (women news network)
photo: Dorothee Lang, Germany (blueprint21)

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