Masala Moments - A travel novel from India
Dorothee Lang

It was in January 2001 that i went to Thailand, to see a bit of Asia, to be a bit in the sun while it's winter. Turned out Asia doesn't exactly come in bits. Every winter i was drawn there, like a migrating bird following an inner route: Thailand again, then Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, the North of India, and finally the South.

To my own surprise, this rhythm changed in 2005, and instead of travelling through Asia i found myself writing about Asia. First a series of poems. Then a couple of short stories. Then a story that kept going on and on, connecting my own memories with tales i heard while travelling. Now it is finished. And instead of me travelling it will be my words going travelling now, to places i haven't even been myself, to spread the flavour of India there. Which is a beautiful thought.

- Dorothee Lang

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CautionaryTale Press
published 2005, 164 pages

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