Colours run, ink dries, stories die
(and I am known to be satirical)

I have little to no inspiration. It makes me weary, because I have just joined a group blog where I should publish something, but I do not have anything of importance to say, and as my first post, I wish to say something more than...'well hi there!'

Still today was brighter than yesterday. Ancient was a nice start to my sunshiny morning, and then we had double english. What joy it brought to my heart! What tremendous jollyness can be gathered from the study of poetry! Then on to recess, where, the world could not have been brighter and lighter and more wonderful. Sitting with my beautiful friends...

Biology, where we talked about adpatations and such wickedly fun things, before a leisurely stroll in the sunshine to see the lignotubers growing from the base of a dead tree! Such warmth I felt to walk to maths, sit at that table, with such smily blondes, and soak up the probablity questions.

To sit in the library with a friend to help her with english, to smile as the breeze came through the library window! Then moving to a nice comfortable chair to read 'Through The Looking Glass' by Lewis Carroll (such a leisurely way to pass one's free period!). I strolled, carrying books to room ten, to sit in the darkness and discuss the past and fathers and stories. We be such talented, imaginative young women, full of spectacular ideas to write about for our major works!

The walk home, breathing in the salt coming off the river, basking in the sun.

Oh, isn't life just wonderful?

Let's shoot it.

(words: Elle Driscoll, Australia; picture: Helen Ellis, Australia)

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