In Ballroom Dancing Class

Is it necessarily a bad thing

for her to feel flattered

that another man

has noticed her, watches her dancing,

pays some attention to her,

tries to dance with her whenever he can,

and not be too obvious about it,

seeing as his wife is in the class too.

That's not bad, I guess,

a little ego gratification is human.

But what isn't so good (for me),

what bothers me, haunts me now nightly,

is when the occasion arises for her

to dance with him, she obviously

enjoys it more than dancing with me.

She chasse steps with him, performs

promenades, cross-overs and underarm turns

with him, finally returning to me,

after the dance is done,

all flushed and excited, bright-eyed

and out of breath.


words: Michael Estabrook, Massachusetts
image: Carrie Crow, New York (baron & the crow)


BluePrintReview - issue 17 - Bodyscapes