issue #17 - bodyscapes

can literary magazines develop a sense of self?

if so, it would only be logical that blueprintreview, at 17, turned physical. and no, it isn't me, the editor, who chooses the issue themes. they develop through incoming submissions, just like adolescents develop their personality through exposure to the world.

bodyscapes, then: flesh. and blood.
also: feathers. and cigarettes. stone. and dust. solitude. and an orgy. a portrait. and a pinup.

it's one of the dynamics of blueprintreview: the way texts and images in each issue develop unplanned connections. the way they come in counterparts, connecting through twin lines:

Breaking rock instead of bread /
She pecks at me like seed.

(Slip Inside / Groomed by a Bird)

Sometimes you fall because you desire the fall. /
I have lost the balance of human standing.

The Orgy / Portrait of Nirvana)

another aspect of turning 17: a shift of pace. meetings with strangers. ventures into new places. a rush of happenings. - never before has blueprintreview received so many submissions, both from new and regular contributors. never before has the review been reviewed itself. as a result, the bodyscapes come with texts that spin and frill and curve, with images that line into colour patterns that cross over - and with a reflection of itself:

“BluePrintReview is an online journal constructed to ease the complex and beautiful convergence of language and art and all the possibilities this entails." - NewPages.com

exploring the possibilities. that's what blueprintreview is about, and even when the issue is complete, the thematic journey continues in just a moment, the blueprint blog.

enjoy the convergence of bodyscapes~



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Michael Estabrook, Massachusetts
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Dorothee Lang, Germany -

more words and pictures
from the contributors and the editor
can be found in just a moment
and in the book shelf

the 4 concepts of this e-zine
1) texts and images are from unrelated places
2) there is no given theme - each issue develops its own theme through submissions
3) there is no deadline or timetable - an issue goes online when it feels complete
4) all rules can be broken


issue submissions and blog submissions
are currently closed.

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BluePrintReview - issue 17 - Bodyscapes