BluePrintReview Issue 21

Shortcuts / Detours

a picture: of a place you've seen before but not

a past-tense now: story of anderson cooper

a preventative measure: The Beginning

a place in short: ristretto (carlisle)

a record: Today More Coffee.

an urge to live: Pale Heart

a memory: Washed Out

a shelf: The Library

a vision: Invasion

a bargain: faith

a time: revision

a drive: Nostrum

a memoir: Hair Cuts

a we: Once Upon a Time

a thaw surface: Butler Creek

a defeat: The Clash of Shadows

a choice: Dinner at the Waffle House

a winding back: The Cork Trees of Alentejo

a feel of it all: walking home from a friend's house

. ~

this issue also includes

a trespass: Mimi's Solution
an assumption: You And Me
an experimental question: Short Cuts
a sleight of land: Cartography
a craving: The Double Fairlie
a shift: It takes an artist to paint..

a bookshelf and a news page

cover image:
Steve Wing, Florida (about & more)


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