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Dzanc Books
Short Story Month Essays

a collection of over 150 essays about various short stories and short story collections - put together in celebration of short story month.

paperback: donation: $10.00 or more
website: Short Story Essays

V. Ulea

“a quantum storylette with 7 stories, marvelous paintings by Irene Frenkel (all in color) and much more, rather indescribable…”

website: Snail by V. Ulea


journaling the apocalypse

an experiment in online literary and artistic collaboration turned into print

paperback: $12.95

website: journaling the apocalypse


Indefinite Space
Issue 2009

poetry drawings photography collage
from minimalist to avant-garde

single issue: $7 / subscription: $12

website: Indefinite Space


Repetition Patterns
Ben Tanzer

a story cycle

e-book, released under a "pay what you want" system

website: Repetition Patterns


Best of the Web 2008
Dzanc Books

the best fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that online literary journals have to offer

paperback: $18.00
amazon: $14.67

website: dzanc best of web



70 unique momentary and monumental pieces by 30 authors from 5 continents

paperback: $11.85
e-book: $3.95

website: mo(nu)ment


An Uncommon Accord
Marcia Arrieta, George Kraus,
Pat Landreth Keller, Michael Carman

Four accomplished poets, with four distinct voices

book webpage: An Uncommon Accord
blueprintreview: evidence

eeeee eee eeee
Tao Lin

a novel - Melville House

paperback: $14.95

website: eeeee-eee-eeee
blueprintreview: something happened

Joyce to the World
Diana J. Wynne / F. Horstmann

a documentary celebrating James Joyce's Ulysses, the greatest novel of the 20th century that no one's actually read

DVD: $49.95

website: Joyce to the World
amazon page: Joyce to the World

BluePrintReview - issue 21
- shortcuts / detours