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__BluePrintReview Issue 24
__micro cosmos

a triptych: The Writer / The Fool / The Families.

a cosmic laundry plan: The Next Naked Alien

a beautiful name: Place de la Revolution

a wall with words: Imaginary Birds

a collection: Butterflies of Night

a journey: The Math Ex.am

a logging: March 2037

a date: Intentions

a spin: Red Giant

*a difficulty: Five.

a fado delta: scarif

a twisting: 3-Way-Mirror

a side path: Turville Woods

a time + place: Our Vernal Ties

a listening: The Rain Connaisseur.

a soul, trapped: cold, warm, lukewarm

a hole impossible to fill: Studies in Window

a rise and float with a slow growth: four radius

a reminder of life: Conversations between Kingdoms



authors & artists & their micro cosmos:
Beth Adams, Shannon Anthony,
Carlye Birkenkrahe,
Mel Bosworth
Michael Brandonisio (+more), Sean Burn,
Kate Brown
(+more), Jeff Crouch, Cheryll Dodds,
Cathy Douglas
, Daniela Elza (and more),
Karyn Eisler
, Finnegan Flawnt, Michelle Gilliam,
Ira Joel Haber, Benzo Harris (+more), Ed Higgins,
Kirsty Logan, Nora Nadjarian, bl pawelek (and more),
Sam Rasnake
, Peter Schwartz, Robin Susanto (+more),
Susan Tepper
, Joanna Valente,
Michael K. White
, Steve Wing (and more)

: Dorothee Lang (blueprint21)


books from blueprintreview authors: book list


"BluePrint Review is an online journal constructed to ease the complex and beautiful convergence of language and art and all the possibilities this entails." - NewPages.com

Dzanc Best of Web 2010 - 'Nostrum' by Michelle Reale
storySouth Top10 story 2009 - 'The Library' by Jolie Braun
Sundress Best of Net 2007 - 'The Women of My Father' by LaTanya McQueen



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BluePrintReview - issue 24 - micro cosmos