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The Fool
Praia, Cape Verde

The fool packed a sand bar for lunch and a drinks of herb salt. But whence he went to play along the rainbow warrior, whom only he could see, who'd admire the mud cakes he baked? The half way house where he lived half-wittedly, loomed. He thought the term referred to: half way to an incredulous blessing bestowed by a holy child. Another century had begun already. Sign of the dragon. How he longed to novel a great lizard, edge over its scaly wings, warmed by fire breath, beowulfen, free view of the lordish land below. Called himself Hightower Givemeaflower. Little did he know that when he came back everyone would be waiting for him. When he saw them he scorched his longing and broke out in vicarious song. They appreciated his pithy pastry. That surprised him. He loved a girl named by him: Ruina Hyena. Atop of his world, spinning on the outside of control, pointing with clownish fingers at this miracle and that, sat the threadbare fool and broke his bread with a beaver.


turn sides: The Families


words: Finnegan Flawnt. Berlin (blog)
image: 'Gravity' - Carlye Birkenkrahe, Berlin (homepage)


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