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issue 24 additions

re: micro cosmos / flash stories

this page is a space for related links and thoughts and extras that came up during the editing phase of the micro cosmos flash issue, and during/after the issue went live.

1) issue feedback + notes

2) contributor blog roll

3) further flash reads


1) issue feedback + notes

On Our Radar: Blue Print Review
Blue Print Review offers much more than just the average literary magazine; it offers not only an array of writing, but images that correspond with the text. Each issue has a specific theme that brings together the various pieces in such a way it changes and adds to the perception and interpretation of each work..
- Yes, Poetry

micro cosmos note
now that the first 2 sequences of the micro cosmos launched, some notes + thoughts i wanted to add, + some links and quotes
- DL / blueprintreview blog

1st micro cosmos facebook note (Facebook, 12 comments)
Dorothee Lang has done it again: new BluePrint Review issue 24 "micro cosmos" is out featuring three new stories by monsieur le Flawnt - merci!

two issues unfolding
The BluePrintReview's Micro Cosmos issue just went up today and will proceed to unfold in sections. And the qarrtsiluni's New Classics issue is now going up everyday one entry at a time. Enjoy.
- Daniela Elza, Strange Places


2) contributor blog roll

this is a new blueprintreview feature, it started in the previous issue: a contributor blog roll. new contributors are now also added on a rolling basis.
the blog roll is included in the blueprintreview blog, underneath the twitter / facebook / lit links in the navigation bar


3) further flash reads

notes on flash fiction, other flash issues, etc.

notes on flash fiction:

Size Matters
This anxiety about short forms, this worry that when it comes to writing, greater length really does = greater quality or more substance or SOMETHING better, is nothing new. It's an old story, anyway, in poetry.

a Very Short Fiction reflection by Dawn Corrigan

A Guide to Writing Awesome Flash Fiction In Ten Awesome Steps
Look at a piece of flash fiction. Do not read it, just look at it. It may be anywhere from 6 to 999 words long. Decide that anything that short must be supereasy to write because if it takes years and years and years to write a novel, it probably takes 17.5 seconds to write flash fiction.
awesome insights by Kuzhali Manickavel

The Charm and Challenge of the Under-500-Word Story
One of the exercises in Creative Writing as I remember it was to write a story, cut it down to 600 words, then again in half to 300... 
a Spinning blog post by Susan Gibb


other flash issues:

special flash issue, edited by David Erlewine

Mississippi Review April 2010
special flash issue, guest-edited by Kim Chinquee

Ekleksographia Wave Two
flash fiction issue, edited by Mary Miller


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