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four radius

We were south coming and expectant, regardless of the weather and the beauty of the city below. Upon the circle we dropped to our knees, bloodied. They were the lovely sacrifice and waiting purposefully tender.

She spread her four arms trying to capture it all in her greedy way. Those arms under her white head of all knowing but no longer all seeing nor caring. She now joined the slender bark dream wish to grow for ages hurting no one.

The brown moves around her and worships the opportunity. Possibly, nature in her cruel manner never offered such things. Or the choices of ignorant youth ripped them away from her hands.

She rises and floats with the growth of every new year. The catholic bells ring, and the mother is with us again.


words: bl pawelek, california (homepage)
image: 'marrow down the grain' - Robin Susanto (photo gallery)


another slender bark dream: Unified Field (#19)


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