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Our Vernal Ties

The old men hammer metal buckets into maple trees so the sap will run into them. Sometimes they connect all the buckets with tubing.

There are small shacks. They are called Sugar Shacks. Smoke billows from the Sugar Shacks when they make the maple syrup.

It only happens twice a year: late autumn and early spring. The nights have to be cold and the days have to be warm for it to work.

I run up the street, sometimes behind school buses. The children stand in groups at the edge of lawns, grass bursting green beneath the rising yellow. The children smile and laugh, and sometimes I can see the tubes connecting them.

When I reach the end of the street, I see one boy standing alone. He’s smiling, the skin of his face pulling hard on the sun, morning steam rising from his head, soul rendered sweet with spring.


words: Mel Bosworth, Massachusetts (Eye Brains)
image: 'spring' - Daniela Elza, Canada (Strange Places)


another time and place: The Season's Solace (# 19)


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