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The Writer
Juneau, Alaska

The writer wants to write a story about Patsy Ann, the Bull Terrier, who was stone deaf from birth like the writer. Like the dog, the writer hears the whistles of approaching ships long before they come into sight, and like the dog, he's never wrong. He wonders if his subject isn't too small though. He wants to give something back to the municipality, who has treated him well even though he's not published much, and not to great acclaim. He simply likes to write about what he sees, and even more about what he cannot see. He feels he's linked to the terrier somehow, if only because of his unerring sense of loyalty and his love for ships, because here, near the end of the world, ships mean life will go on. He plans to get a dog like Patsy Ann and give her that name, which reminds him of a whorehouse madam with a friendly face, and over this thought he falls asleep, his large furry ears filled with ship horn sounds, distant reminders of the friendship between man and beast.


turn sides: The Fool


words: Finnegan Flawnt. Berlin (blog)
image: 'Hard at Work' - Carlye Birkenkrahe, Berlin (homepage)


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