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BluePrintReview #27 - the collab issue
(or: synergetic transformations)

we cleaved. / .we, as one machine:
Gears that Grind _

mine and yours: A Fragment, with Mask and Horn *

in criss-crossing paths: memory revises us *.


how to: My Unified Theory of Everything

the untangling will cut: Spool of Life

a stub of string: Make-Believe

every day: Cross / Comfort

a renku: Haunted Garden

to pause: Overtures

a frame, a wall: Potted

day's end: Treeline Lullaby

the space between: h/eartland

w if look a/gain: what alley found in poem

should have been so lucky:
Short Cuts

the change: Out the back door

it's true: Story Book-ends

w here I lie: Ship-to-Shore

but never finished: Puertos

I'd like to think:

. casting our lives: the love of the fish

and the silence between: Temenos

we being one - suddenly: summer / winter

. missing all but queries, limits: impermissible occlusion


this issue launched in sequences: launch sorting

notes on the issue: synergy in progress

_~ ~ ~

authors & artists & their synergies (a-z):
Mary Alexandra Agner, Lynn Alexander,
Arlene Ang, Paddy Barry, Walter Bjorkman,
Jean Brasseaur, Staci M. Cole, Catherine Davis,
Cheryl Dodds, Mary Duffy, Peg Duthie,
Stacey Dye
, Karyn Eisler, Michelle Elvy,
Daniela Elza
(2) (3), Steve Ersinghaus,
Susan Gibb, Claudia Grace, Roland Goity,
Rose Hunter, Abha Iyengar, Jónas Knútsson,
Ron Kostar (2), Jeanne Krabbendam,
Christi Kramer, Dorothee Lang,
Rosemary Lombard
, Farfel Lombard,
Carianne Mack Garside
, Gopal M.S.,
Kimy Martinez,
Judith McNally, Sam Rasnake, Al Rempel,
Joanna Smythe
, John Sibley Williams,
Lynne Shapiro, Michael Solender, Marcus Speh,
Dianna Stark,
Robin Susanto, Cliff Tisdell,
Christian Tuempling, Steve Wing (2),
Michael K. White

: Dorothee Lang (virtual notes


"BluePrint Review is an online journal constructed to ease the complex and beautiful convergence of language and art and all the possibilities this entails." - NewPages.com


best of
Best of Net Finalist 2010 - 'Agave' by Rose Hunter
Best of Net Finalist 2010 - 'Nightfall' by Patrick M. Pilarski
storySouth longlist 2010 - 'The Rain Connoisseur' by Robin Susanto
Dzanc Best of Web 2010 - 'Nostrum' by Michelle Reale
storySouth Top10 story 2009 - 'The Library' by Jolie Braun
Sundress Best of Net 2007 - 'The Women of My Father' by LaTanya McQueen


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.BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations