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Haunted Garden

Winter shower stops.
Reptile, turtle, talks a poem.
Home west delights him.

Gentle hammer taps—a beak.
Turtle seeks words on the wall.

Chickadee sings
eating our sunflower seeds.
Pretty—dark black and white.

Towhee crashes the seed dish.
Seeds dashed everywhere!

Robbers dream of meals:
things plot, money plot.
Fortune knife by moon.

Clouds extinguish the moonlight.
Danger creeps and flies through them.

When trees make shapes of winter secrets,
garden sways my haunted step.
Turtle flies inside.

Lamplight banishes shadows.
Fear, locked out, settles to sleep.

Poem cracks under lamplight,
curls up hurt.
Beside the window I sing.

The window stands at attention.
Light, dark, visions: You may pass.

Turtle looks grouchy.
Out, garden noises and voices!
Have a massage.

The breeze lifts the leaves.
They rustle together, laugh.

Squirrel performs a moon-step,
mirror of moonlight cycle.
Act drives laughter.

Could Armstrong do that moon-step?
Too small for mankind.

Squirrel performs a giant leap,
choice movie staging for Neal,
easy for a squirrel!

Astronaut says he's light, too—
but only in space.

A sight hold to mind:
Remember Earth's sunflowers
greeting the blue sky,

the yellows, oranges, and reds
screaming Earth's appeal.

Red garden.
I color red fire space!
Nothing is dark!

Bring on the lights at nightfall.
Let our reds be seen.

Apple red excites eye.
Lunchtime, although midnight's past.
Owl doesn't feast!

He shrugs his feathers,
flies off to darkened gardens.

Silent feathers glide to frog,
deliver owl its dinner.
Burst of death-bright red.

Blood eddies in quiet pool,
ventures into the dark stream.

Welcome the light.
River runs by home garden—
let yellow mirror flow.

Blood of night has gone downstream.
Owl floats in satisfied sleep.

Frog yesterday sang love.
Surprised by death, his fire is out.
Eternal slumber.

The first croaks of early spring
the last croaks for lover frog.

Luminance of moon,
bright hole to heaven's teasing,
lies on empty pond.

Yes, “The gods must be crazy.”
Cruel humor: lunacy.

Study fire's way.
Fire tells a hard kind of story:
writing disaster.

Reds to blacks to new green life.
Dawn extinguishes fire fear.

Turtle reads your laugh
at garden midnight fears!
Together understand.

Life is fears and laughs.
Sunshine evaporates tears.

Season of fear leaves.
Silent shoots sign early spring,
garden smiles again.

Violas, pieri survive.
Turtle smiles, taps his poem.


Farfel Lombard
Rosemary Lombard

notes on the process


. .BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations