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issue 27 additions

re: synergetic transformations

this page is a space for related links and thoughts and extras that come up during the editing + launch phase of the synergy issue. it's a page in progress - check back.

1) synergy call + editing notes

2) list of contributors + blog roll

3) feedback

5) previous bpr collabs


1) synergy call + editing notes

some notes on editing the collab issue, which was different from the previous issues on many levels, and turned into the largest and most complex issue of BluePrintReview so far: synergy in progress

from the call for submissions

> the theme: synergetic transformations

“Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently ... synergy also relates to biological systems, and the environment" (more)

> invited are: combinations of collective poems, photo-collages, collaborative visuals or stories, dialogues in images or poetry, cut-and-paste-texts etc. that refer to the theme synergy / transformation. also invited: notes on the process.


2) list of contributors + blog roll

there is a contributor blog roll up in the blog with more than 40 current and prvious contributors. new contributors will be added during the launch phase. the blog roll is included in the blueprintreview blog, underneath the twitter / facebook links in the navigation bar


list of contributing authors and artists

Mary Alexandra Agner
Lynn Alexander
Arlene Ang
Paddy Barry
Walter Bjorkman
Jean Brasseaur
Staci M. Cole
Catherine Davis
Cheryl Dodds
Mary Duffy
Peg Duthie
Stacey Dye
Karyn Eisler
Michelle Elvy
Daniela Elza
Steve Ersinghaus
Susan Gibb
Claudia Grace
Roland Goity
Rose Hunter
Abha Iyengar
Jónas Knútsson
Ron Kostar
Jeanne Krabbendam
Christi Kramer
Dorothee Lang
Rosemary Lombard
Farfel Lombard
Carianne Mack Garside
Gopal M.S.
Kimy Martinez
Judith McNally
Sam Rasnake
Al Rempel
Joanna Smythe
John Sibley Williams
Lynne Shapiro
Michael Solender
Marcus Speh
Dianna Stark
Robin Susanto
Cliff Tisdell
Christian Tuempling
Steve Wing
Michael K. White


3) issue feedback

feedback + coincidences + notes

a blog reflection
on the different formats and the connections that developed between the different contributions, with some examples, notes and quotes:
blueprint blog: synergetic themes and notes


to the different launch groups via facebook, mail + blog:

“impermissible occlusion” + “summer / winter” + “Temenos"
"a note: for this group, the connecting theme is "seasons", but they also include many of the other returning themes of the issue: trees, love, art, birds, shores - and the play with formats." -
Dorothee (editor)

"Love the variety of new formats and page layouts! An honor to have my work with Steve included here." - Karyn Eisler

"excellent i look forward to reading these...." - Rose Hunter

"I second Karyn's comments. And 'summer / winter' and 'Temenos' are awesome!" - Steve Wing

"How great for Michelle & myself to be included in such a grouping, "impermissible occlusion" by Karin & Steve and "Temenos" by Daniela & Robin are outstanding, both notes on the process can stand on their own also as a fascinating look at the creative process. The whole collection, including the Editor's notes, provide such an original issue, one of such scope I have not seen before. Honored, thank you again." - Walter Bjorkman

" It's a fine issue indeed." - Rosemary Lombard

"thanks for all the positive feedback! it truly was a special joy to work on this issue, in all those different formats, and with the additional notes. yes, the scope of it! it's the largest issue ever, and the most complex. i keep returning to it. and i am both happy and sad that it is complete now." - Dorothee (editor)


the love of the fish" + “Love+War”
"coincidental reading advice: visit "the love of the fish" first, and then read through "Love + War" until you reach the last line of page 6. there's a surprise waiting." -
Dorothee (editor)

"As a Viking who lives right by the sea I think I should be an expert on the love life of fishes but how do you guys thing our ideas about the love aquatic compare?" - Jonas Knutsson

"not cold and convenient but movement to rhythmic pulses both natural and passionately graceful" - Claudia Grace

"Doesn't sound like any one-night stand between a halibut and codfish that I've heard of." - Jonas Knutsson

"For me, the combination enhances both formats and takes of love/life. reading through both pieces again, i also thought: "the dance of life: love and war." - Dorothee Lang

"wonderful job dorothee. i love your journal and will keep an eye out for future possible collaborationis and whatnot. jonas, where can i see more of your work. loved the poem and image and will tell you when i catch and release my first pickerel or bass of the spring. i am a fish." - Ron Kostar

+ an e-mail feedback:
"I love the way you edited this issue of BluePrint Review! The new additions are absolutely brilliant! This, I think, is a great quote, from the process notes of Love+War:

"To organize is to destroy and sometimes I'll try to dig up some text to accompany an image by Christian that complements rather than explains the photo."

Which leads me back to my comment at the beginning, that your pairings of image with text are missing.  But for these two, wow.  Love+War just staggers me, everything about it.  Images, the progression of text parts.  And its counterpoint, the love of the fish truly works on a completely different, touching, lovely level.  And that pairing brings this juxtaposition:

We offer each other
the love of the fish
gracefully slipping through mud
believing each breath carrying
the clay, this cosmos--


For I am a man of mirth and passion, and theirs is a cold convenient love, the love of fishes."

- Steve Wing


Ship to shore + Puertos
"Paradoxically, this collaboration issue is singular! And this is a syngergetic pairing of new releases!" - Steve Wing

"Two fascinating collaborations > one taps into an ongoing fantasy about moving to Newfoundland and living out my days in a salt box home; the other taps into my penchant for snooping around in the nooks-and-crannies and peepholes of others' journeys, made possible through the many links and connections you provide." - Karyn Eisler

"I just revisited the pages, and keep finding new details, new moods. and again, i wished the issue was an exhibition, to walk through, in changing pathes." - Dorothee Lang

+ a mail note:
"I'm excited to be part of this issue - have been enjoying the images and poems as they are gradually released - a really good technique because it slows you down = makes you pay attention to individual pieces as they appear." - Mary Duffy


Story Book-ends + Out the back door + Short Cuts
Excellent work.- John Williams

"The new additions to BluePrint Review look fascinating.  Different.  New dimensions. 'Story Book - ends' is such a wonderful piece in every way!  I love it.  And the notes are interesting, too.  So good, I am at a loss for expressing it.  And I really like the process notes for Short Cuts.  Out the back door is haunting.  Such amazing additions to this fantastic issue!" - Steve Wing, via e-mail


what alley found in poem + h/eartland
"Stunning words + images" - Karyn Eisler
"Beautiful, beautiful work!" - Susan Gibb
"Enjoyed these works." - Sam Rasnake.


Haunted Garden" + Cross / Comfort
"The "Haunted Garden" is particularly fascinating when you read how it was done, following a traditional method of poetry--and that image is fantastic!" - Susan Gibb
"Season of fear leaves strikes me as a sort of verbal Möbius strip, with different surfaces connected and continuous" - Steve Wing
"With "Haunted Garden", both the poetic language and the classic format fascinate me. there will be another poem in classic format later in the issue: a sonnet. it's an issue of many forms." - Dorothee Lang
"Thanks, all. Steve, I love the concept of "verbal Moebius strip" (sorry, kein Umlaut hier). Regarding form, I should have mentioned that the stricter way to write the stanzas, 575+77 is tanka, as an individual poem, that is. Regarding process, it is so much fun!" - Rosemary Lombard

+ a coincidence:
Through a facebook exchange, the friends Rosemary + Farfel Lombard ("Haunted Garden") and John Sibley Williams + Staci M. Cole ("Overtures") discovered that both their collaborations will be part of the issue #27 of BluePrintReview. They both blogged about it, here: "Reptile, Turtle, Taps a Poem": A Literary Aside + here:BluePrintReview


Make-Believe - Spool of Life - My Unified Theory
"wonderful new compilations here..just getting better!" - Michael J. Solender
"These are wonderful - & now I am over at MS Gopal's site, looking at his images - WOW! ++ WOW."- Rose Hunter


first feedback:on facebook
"Here WE GO: The next wonderful installment of BluePrint Review".
- Michelle Elvy
"Wonderful drawing by Cheryl McPeek Dodds - as part of a collaborative issue .." - Sam Rasnake

"This is most awesome" - Rose Hunter


in blogs
"The first three pieces are up. I am moved. Perhaps it is me and my fascination with work in collaboration. This turning toward another. This moment/movement between two.
And the intimacy? Yes. The intimacy could be fri
ghtening and at the same time life giving and beautiful. Adding further testimony that writing is not a lonely activity.
(more: all together now)

"I am so pleased that the poem Gears that Grind written by Lynn Alexander & me is the first out of the chute. There are some fabulous other writers on board with this issue which will be released in installments as it is so huge and fantastic!" (more)
- Michael Solender~via mail / comment

"Wow!  These launch pages have such a different feel to them!  And the notes give such fascinating insight.  I know this is going to be an issue people spend a lot of time with.  Good time.
There is so much to appreciate.  This line grabs me this morning:
in the moment we see ourselves 
from a distance
                             the distance changes us

But also for me I see something missing when I consider the graphics. They all are like something I would choose, directly obviously related to the text.  Instead of those curiously fitting images you pair with texts, which often reveal connections I never would think of.  But it is good, too, I think, to have this change for an issue, to try a different way and see where it leads. 
- Steve Wing

I'm fascinated with 'process' and 'back-story' and particularly appreciate these pages you've included in the issue. So interesting to read about the production process that goes on 'behind the scenes', particularly between writers and artists who live in different cities and countries; across great expanses of land and sea. I look forward to more in the coming weeks."

- Karyn Eisler "Normally I'm so excited at the opening of your new issues that I read them so quickly and . . . it's over and the waiting and anticipation is almost unbearable for the next group. Oddly, this was such a different experience, my mind was filled to satiety with the groupings. I felt I could meander through the poetry, prose, pictures and background information and each was a joy in itself. Great, great issue, Dorothee!"
- Susan Gibb, facebook comment


4) previous bpr-collabs:
collaborative works that were published in previous blueprint issues:

  • a triptych by Finnegan Flawnt & Carlye Birkenkrahe
    The Writer / The Fool / The Families
  • a collaborative poem by H. Terezón, C. Cambell, C. Tibbetts, K. Jordan Ki, A. Yale, & O. Zalmanowitz:
    Anchor, baby
  • a suburbia by Rose Hunter & Dorothee Lang
    Roller Door Devotional
  • 'la grande gidouille' - a collaborative image by Jeff Crouch and Ross Priddle, combined with the story Naked.


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