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what alley found in poem

to arrive ___mind turns into alley
pass/age way __ asp/halt green __ sentenced

phoenix wing streaks canvas _____ sky
white g/loves on _t/ouch book __h/old rust

bolt _ tiny corner of copper _____torn
from alley __ from word ____from he/art

n/ail sole . step . th/rough :_first th/ought
st/rip _______.__the alley is not

if we follow _..__if need/le ___ if look a/gain
pick fragment ________glue feat/her to coin

rel/ease spring __toss cliche in g/utter . watch
what d/rains through ___ what blossoms


Christi Kramer
Daniela Elza


Jeanne Krabbendam


notes on the process

. .
BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations