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memory revises us

as in _______we walk out of our body  
enter the world in various stages of crucifiction

the sky is an anatomy lesson
viscera and brain positioned like twin moons

in the fetal forest of criss-crossing paths
we curl into the eyespot on a luna moth's wing

is it heat one feels raising up roots of hair
or is it rain searching for what is lost in Pi

as in _______if we could eat what we dream up
our lungs would be created in     images of fish

what is the physiology of a woman's head 
held under water

for every heart soaked in brine
what is it we seek to       preserve

even  memory revises us

take this breast
with its flavor for   b i o psy 

take     this     human knee     to find where
the mirror shards have  fused with bone

as in the mind is everywhere      dis sect ing
the mind is                     morphing

the child.  what comes      across—
DNA     song lyrics    trees     translating

pixels_______letters_______ chromosomes—
a frightening     blender 

the dead always murmurous in the living
possess us          from the inside       

each night apparitions sync with our heartbeat
reflecting upside down in their silver spoons

what has passed on_______ what we polish
like surfaith of the missing 

we are their re visions       altared
curved        bent         broken         splayed 

as in the moment we see ourselves 
from a distance

                             the distance changes us


Daniela Elza
Arlene Ang

notes on the process


. .BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations