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Story Book-ends 

You tricked me at the well, it's true,

but I've no grudge; it turned to love.

Though transformation's not enough

when one sets out to woo.

____Neither roses nor cherries can halt  
  the creeping cold from clasping us close  
  in spite of our stubborn clinging  
  to summer's faded fruits: we salt 

This fairy-tale--was it skin-deep?

Or does the tremble in your voice

mean chance, mean I've a choice?

There are some vows that I must keep

____our smiles and utter smoky oaths  
  at Time's relentless unhinging  
  of body from soul, lives from loves,  
  and starlight from those whom it steers

before I take your ring to hand:

unhouse the frogs and ring the bell,

bid all my stepsisters farewell.

I need to know that I have had--

no matter how my road goes wending--

____This is the fate of every chart, 
_to mean much less than all the troves  
  of treasures fair. Our oldest fears  
  propel us still to map the heart  
  while we plot (Time notwithstanding)              

a journey worth a lovers' ending.


Mary Alexandra Agner
Peg Duthie

notes on the process



. .BluePrintReview - issue 27 - Synergetic Transformations