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BluePrintReview issue 26: identity

a life I'm (not) supposed to be living: Alternate Timelines

a here we go again: Stream of Consciousness Bio

a thread undone: time to wear a new dress w

a dressing: My Mother, Marilyn Monroe

a suburbia: Roller Door Devotional

a coming home: Equilibrium

a leaving: firecrackers

a decision: naked

a trace: photon

a list: the self

a belief: Bound

a realization: Tears

a fusion: Anchor, baby

a leaving: Chocolate Wars

a view: Where are the soldiers?

a betwixt mystery: Hey, Ya’ll, It’s Me

a sad incident: Education of Burroughs

a pre-determinated life box: Senseless 2010

a picture of a generation: I do not own my face


identity extensions

blog identities: Seagull - foggy - origin
What Am I - sanitarium - It is

authors & artists & their identities:
Natalie Abadzis *2,
Shane Ryan Bailey, Christian Bell,
Michael Brandonisio
*2, Kate Brown,
Clint Cambell,
Jessie Carty
, Sibel Catana *2, Jeff Crouch *2,
Janann Dawkins
Cathy Douglas, Stacey Dye, Deborah Aguilar Escalante, Susan M. Gibb *2 *3, Ira Joel Haber, Michelle Hartman, Ann Howells, Rose Hunter, Kaira Jordan Ki, Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, Jónas Knútsson, Cathrine Lødøen, Len Kuntz,
Terrin Stam Munawet
*2, Jean Morris, bl pawelek,

Vivian Faith Prescott, Ross Priddle, Peter Snowdon,
Harold Terezón
, Carleen Tibbett,
Grace Wingo, Steve Wing,
Anne Yale
Omer Zalmanowitz

: Dorothee Lang (blueprint21)


"BluePrint Review is an online journal constructed to ease the complex and beautiful convergence of language and art and all the possibilities this entails." - NewPages.com


Dzanc Best of Web 2010 - 'Nostrum' by Michelle Reale
storySouth Top10 story 2009 - 'The Library' by Jolie Braun
Sundress Best of Net 2007 - 'The Women of My Father' by LaTanya McQueen


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#27: the collab issue & blueprint news


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BluePrintReview - issue 26 - identity