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Time to wear a new dress

there is a delicate line
between L girl who hangs with other L friends
and wants to attract the interest of L's
and L girl who hangs around S friends
who hang out at bars and movie theaters and houses where parties are popping off
and L girl who spends time with family at birthdays and cook outs and holiday dinners
_who are clearly not totally, completely, aware or accepting of L girl's orientation.
there is delicate line to play to compliment and win the favor of both
i fear i fray the edges at times.
_it is exhausting and unnecessary
but there is this need to socially conform that exists in the realm of these relationships
i fear i may soon let go of these stitching's.
threads may soon
unravel through and through
each stitch
burst the fabric of this mold i have created for myself
i fear it no longer fits me.

and in doing so
_i enlarge myself,
by shedding this old skin,
i grow with this newness that is becoming


words: Grace Wingo, Maryland + Washington, D.C. (Cherish the Day)
image: 'fog' - Terrin Stam Munawet, USA


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BluePrintReview - issue 26 - identity