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about this issue

from the call for identity-submissions

some possible angles: identity and time / place, different faces of a person; our name; crowd and individuum; family trees and their blank spots; author / work / bio; race/gender/class and identity; etc.

invited: short stories, poems, creative non-fiction,
photography & artwork

list of contributors

Michelle Hartman, Jean Morris, Grace Wingo, Terrin Stam Munawet, Cathy Douglas, Sibel Catana, Len Kuntz, Jeff Crouch, Rose Hunter, Vivian Faith Prescott, Natalie Abadzis, Christian Bell, Michael Brandonisio, Kate Brown, Ross Priddle, Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom, Cathrine Lødøen, Janann Dawkins, Susan M. Gibb, Jessie Carty, Shane Ryan Bailey, Deborah Aguilar Escalante, Peter Snowdon, Ira Joel Haber, Stacey Dye, Steve Wing, bl pawelek, Jónas Knútsson, Ann Howells, harold terezón, Clint Cambell, Carleen Tibbetts, Kaira Jordan Ki, Anne Yale, and Omer Zalmanowit

(listed roughtly in order of appearance. yes, this is quite an identity-get-together from places near and far)

more about the idea, concept + editing phase

an e-logue: Identity and the Crowd


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Dorothee Lang, Germany - blueprint21 / blog
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the 4 concepts of this e-zine
1) texts and images are from unrelated places
2) themes for future issues develop through the work on the current issue.
3) there is no deadline or timetable - an issue goes online when it feels complete
4) all rules can be broken


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BluePrintReview - issue 26 - identity