Some summer-reads for you:

- the new "Translations"-issue
- flash stories + reflections
- new books
- and the best stories of 2011

Have a beautiful summer!

(editor BluePrintReview)

Language/Place #16: Translation in all forms
For edition #16, Steve Wing created an international Übersetzungs-journey that happily ventures through foreign terms - follow the links through shifting stars and language gaps, spa delights and garden translations, all the way to Mexico, from Konichiwa to Hola.

Call: Edition #17 will be hosted by Vivian Faith Prescott, the theme is: "Inspiration": Guidelines

Flash Across Borders
July brought the lauch of Flash Across Borders  - the fourth edition of the Aotearoa Affair Blog Carnival includes 26 lively tales + 8 reflections on flash as format. Make sure to check this out if you are into flash fiction writing.

Call: the next edition of the Blog Carnival is themed "View From Here": How to join

The BluePrint Book Blog
Now up in the blueprint book+lit blog: new books, web projects, literary links - some recommendations:

- The Empty City - Berit Ellingsen: a zen novel
- Best of World Literature Today: essays, poetry, fiction
- New Sun Rising: stories for Japan
- Self-Published eBook Bestsellers: a book list
- Fictionaut Reading, New York: trip blogs & links

storySouth Award - Top 10 Voting
Great stories are published online, and the storySouth Award helps all web-based magazines to gain exposure. After releasing the long-list of notable stories in May, it's voting time now: the Top 10 Stories of 2011 are online.

More about the award: here

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