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Edition #18 will be a special summer edition, details are still in process and will follow in the next week.

If you are interested in language and place, you are invited to join the next edition:

Language/Place edition #18

- deadline:
- host+editor:
- feature theme:
- other themes are welcome, too
- planned launch:

to join the language / place carnival:

1) Browse the current edition to get an idea of the carnival themes, and of the way the carnival works.

2) Put a language/place related blog entry together and post it in your blog (or pick a link from your blog archive). Contributions can come in form of personal blog note, an essay, a poem, photography, a travelogue, a memory, a video, a flash story...

3) Send an e-mail to the host at "langplace AT gmail DOT com", and include the link to your blog entry, and a brief description of your language/place contribution (1-2 sentences)

4) If you are interested in hosting one of the upcoming editions of the carnival, then send mail to langplace AT gmail DOT com with the header "HOST", and feel free to add a theme idea if you have one.

frequently asked questions (or rather: questions + answers along the way)

I don't have a blog. Can I still join?
- if you don't have a blog, but like to join, you could join by using the blog-service posterous, which allows to create single pages without registration. or start a blog with blogger, or with wordpress, or with tumblr.

Do they have to be new blog posts, or could I contribute one from my archives? 
- yes, you can also send the link to a blog post from the archive

Can I create a new blog and participate with that, and call it "language carnival"?
- you can create a new blog to join, but to avoid confusion, maybe give it a different title - carnival is the sum of all participating blogs.

I want to join, but not sure if I can make the deadline.
No worries - the carnival will take place ever month, so you can just send something for the next edition.

How does hosting a carnival edition work?
Basically, as a host, you have the role of the editor: you read the incoming mails, correspond with contributors, and put the carnival together. Mails arrive through an own language/place-gmail-account. I assist whenever there is a question popping up, or a photo needs to be edited. Some hosting experiences are up here: Hosting the carnival.



edition #17
host: Vivian Faith Prescott

edition #16
hosted by Steve Wing

edition #15
hosted by Abha Iyengar

edition #14
hosted by Stella Pierides

edition #13
hosted by Christopher Allen

edition #12
hosted by Linda Hofke

edition #11
hosted by Dorothee Lang

edition #10
hosted by Sheree Mack

edition #9
hosted by Brigita Orel

edition #8
hosted by Walter Bjorkman

edition #7
hosted by Julia Davies

edition #6
hosted by Michelle Elvy

edition #5
hosted by Parmanu

edition #4
hosted by Jean Morris

edition #3
hosted by Michael J. Solender

edition #2
hosted by Nicolette Wong

edition #1

hosted by Dorothee Lang


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